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About Local Memories

The company which began with me (Kate, a mother of four and an avid scrapbooker) is now a family business. It has grown from one product idea to the offering of several scrapbook-related services. Loving what you do for work is certainly a blessing--but working with those you love is a blessing beyond description!

We started by offering memory album accents tailored to specific themes or areas, to make it easy for visitors to take home area mementos for their scrapbooks or photo albums after a trip. This sometimes would include exclusive die cuts designed to meet a request. (We are still developing our line of area offerings and would love to hear from you about what you would like to see offered to commemorate visitors' trips to your location. Please e-mail us with your ideas or questions.)

Our first product related to our home area, an Amish community in Pennsylvania. Tourists and scrapbooking customers were unable to find the die-cut shape of a horse and buggy, used by the Amish and Mennonite people in the area, so we designed one and had it manufactured. It was enthusiastically received! We then made it available to other areas featuring Amish communities, either separately or as part of a theme pack. The need for other tourist location die-cut collections soon became obvious, as the national scrapbook-supply companies can easily overlook the lesser-known area specialties enjoyed by travelers in each area. That is why we are continuously adding to our line. We are able to manufacture smaller production quantities, which allows us to work within smaller markets.

One thing led to another, as we found that the mass-marketing approach in the now huge scrapbooking industry was missing the local customer in many ways. I believe in the value of scrapbooking, both for its lasting family value and its personal fulfillment. My goal is to encourage scrapbookers on a local, personal level.

Local Memories Scrapbooking Retail Store
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